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 IAMS Partners is Your Solution

Looking for a partner Independent Marketing Organization that is committed to growing your business, offers a customized support model, and respects your independence as an Agency? Look no further, IAMS Partners is your solution. Successfully building your own insurance agency or full-blown marketing organization isn’t easy… the stress of recruiting, P&L management, staying atop marketing programs, and the like… it all can be overwhelming. What if you had a partner… a partner IMO that could accelerate your sales growth, deliver greater profit margins, and help you become the business you’ve always wanted to be to your customers?

Get Your Complimentary Marketing Analysis

The process begins with a fact-finding conversation with your IAMS Sales Director, who gathers key information on the specifics of your practice and your growth needs. This information is then used by our Marketing and Creative experts to prepare your custom brand analysis, which details actionable steps to achieve your objectives.
Through our Marketing Analysis process, IAMS, Inc:
  • Identifies your most pressing business goals
  • Evaluates your current marketing strategies and assets
  • Provides a roadmap to increase your sales