Agent Recruitment

An agency that attains a certain level of success will need to bring more expert agents onboard to handle workloads and maintain growth. Working with sub-agents is a unique business relationship. Everybody involved is tied closely to the success, or failure, of the business, but teamwork only goes so far. At the end of the day, it all comes back to the owner. An agency owner must demonstrate leadership and recruit high-performing producers. This can be a daunting challenge. Failing to find the right agents can be an expensive, and potentially insurmountable, obstacle to success.

Through IAMS Partners you will have access to the tools needed to recruit high-quality subagents and keep your agency flourishing. We do this through tailored recruiting solutions that include::

  • Social Media Optimization (SMO)
  • Careers Landing Page / Microsite
  • Custom Marketing Collateral
  • Targeted Recruitment
  • Digital Recruitment Campaigns

IAMS prides itself on the full catalog of top-notch tools and services to serve your agency’s needs. Whether you need to access unique lead programs, individualized marketing platforms forms, digital and social media tools, or turnkey, marketing, IAMS Partners can deliver. We also can provide valuable new business support services, such as access to Firelight, SuranceBay electronic contracting, and a best-in-class service team that will follow up with every case until it gets paid.

Get Your Complimentary Agent Density Report

Our Complimentary Agent Density Report identifies potential candidates based on key demographics, filters, and qualifications, all with a great deal of granular detail. This report is crucial to understanding how many advisors and agents are in your recruiting pool and forms the chassis of developing a concerted recruiting and marketing plan.

Social Media Optimization (SMO)

Optimized broadcasting of the benefits of working with your firm.

Careers Landing Page / Microsite

Developing (or, if you already have the infrastructure, revamping) a careers platform that highlights the opportunity of working for you.

Custom Marketing Collateral

Branded fliers, email templates, sales kits and anything else you need to bring great agents to your team.

Targeted Recruitment:

Drawing from our nationwide database of agents, we dial in the right list for you, based on desired years in the business and other qualifications.

Digital Recruitment Campaigns:

Job postings with proven descriptions and formats, as well as E-blast services with advanced response tracking.

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